UPMARITIME LONDON Ltd is an inter dealer broking house specializing in OTC physical commodities, Imports, exports and international trading.

We work as intermediates for commodities such as:

  • Petroleum products (Crude oil, D2, JP54, ETC),
  •  Iron Ore,
  • Coal,
  •  Scrap,
  • Cement,
  • Mediterranean Food & beverages, (Oil of Olive, Fresh Fruits , Wines )

Through our international network, we coordinate serious requests and Demands for commodities and we always try to find experience and professionals partners in order to build profitable co operations.

UPMARITIME LONDON Ltd, holds serious and long time contracts with Producers, Factories, and Export brokers. We feel very proud and confidence to promote commodities that have passed all the necessary quality tests.

For any inquire please contact our Sales dept in and one of our trading consultant will be soon contact direct to you.