Dear Friends & Partners,

Millionaires or big investors are not the only proud owners of private yachts. Yacht ownership can be an exhilarating and simultaneously rewarding investment. If you own a yacht under UPMARITIME LONDON LTD management, you can sail your yacht without worrying about the costs of the insurance, marina, spare parts and maintenance.

You can leave all the costs related to your yacht and the corresponding trouble to us.

 The only worry left to you is scheduling the period and the area of your holidays.

To buy a yacht and keep it private is very expensive. It costs a lot more to maintain and keep the yacht in good condition. Furthermore, the owner can sail only within certain navigation limits!

When you buy a yacht through a UPMARITIME LONDON LTD management plan, you save all the expenses and you have the opportunity to sail from 25 departure bases within the Mediterranean & the Caribbean, while at the same time you have an income.

 Therefore, why don’t you leave it to the professionals, who guarantee that having a yacht is not a source of extra costs and trouble but a source of extra income and fun?



UPMARITIME LONDON LTD, in direct cooperation with the biggest worldwide Yacht owners and Charterers, offers the following yacht management projects for the purchase of your yacht:


·         You pay the 100% of the purchase price of the desired yacht and receive a fixed amount of annual income for the duration of the contract.

·         You will have a 3,5 or a 6,5 Years income FIXED and SECURED INCOME ( annual return from 7% to 12% )

·         All the annual and administrating Costs & expenses will be covered by us.

·         You can enjoy your Yacht for your own Vacation 2weeks in high period or 6 weeks in Low since the rest of the period your Yacht will be employed and produce Income.

 Project No 2 – SINGLE PAYMENT

·          You pay significantly less, only a part of the purchase price of the desired yacht, but you do not receive any income, since the produced income is used to pay out the rest of the purchase balance that remained after your initial part payment.

·         You will have a 3,5 or a 6,5 Years employment contract that will pay out your Yacht Purchase.

·         All the annual and administrating Costs & expenses will be covered by us.

·         You can enjoy your Yacht for your own Vacation 2weeks in high period or 6 weeks in Low since the rest of the period your Yacht will be employed and produce Income.


·          Like in project No. 2, you pay significantly less, only a part of the purchase price of the desired yacht, but you split approximately your payment in two parts, one at the beginning of the contract and another at the end.

·         In this project you have also the option not to pay the second payment at the end of the contract and to leave the yacht in the ownership of UPMARITIME LONDON LTD without any further obligation from your side.


·         You can pay the full price of the purchase of the desired yacht, you either make a single payment and we finance you the rest and you receive a flexible annual income in accordance with the charter sales performance & the yacht’s expenses. In this program we guarantee a minimum chartering period of your yacht of 90 weeks within the 5½ years of management.

·         In this program, no matter through which financial option you have bought the yacht from us (full or single payment), we guarantee a minimum chartering period of your yacht of 90 weeks within the 5½ years of management.

In this project your costs are:

30% on the charter contracts value, which pays for the commercial costs of marketing your yacht, i.e. brochures, advertisement, boat shows, agency commissions, and all relative costs.

A flat fee which depends on the yacht’s location and size for the cost of services, i.e. reception of the clients, inventories, check in / check out, preparing of the yacht, technical assistance during the cruises.

All other costs such as insurance, mooring fees, spare parts, repairs, winter maintenance,  antifouling  etc.,  are  on  your  charge  and  control.  Within  this program your net income from charter is not fixed because it depends on:

The charter sales performance

The amount of expenses of the yacht, which means that you participate in the risks and profits of good or less good charter seasons, however you participate fully in the risks and profits of the whole management.


All projects have duration between 3½ and 6½ years and they are ending at all cases, regardless the delivery date of your yacht, by the 30th of October for Mediterranean locations and by 30th of April for the Caribbean locations.

We are also open to design a different duration of contract for your yacht in accordance with your needs.


There are not any!

In the projects No.1, No.2 & No.3, UPMARITIME LONDON Ltd undertakes all the expenses and repairs during the duration of the contract.

Costs such as “Mooring Fees, Insurance, Maintenance repairs, Spare parts, Winterage, Antifouling, Reception of the charter guests, Check in, Check out, Marketing costs for the charter sales, etc” are all borne by UPMARITIME LONDON Ltd.

You are free to enjoy the pleasure and freedom of yacht ownership without having to worry about time (and money consuming!) necessities.









The number of weeks you may use your own yacht (or similar) depends on the season you choose (high, mid, low). They are 6 weeks in low season or 3 weeks in mid season or 2 weeks in the high season. A combination between the seasons is also possible.


Additionally you can take up to a further 4 weeks of short notice use each year, out of which the 2 weeks must be used only on your own yacht and the other 2 on any similar (or smaller) available yacht of the entire fleet.


To qualify as short notice use the reservation/booking must be made maximum 8 days (for yachts in the Med) or 16 days (for yachts in the Caribbean) prior to departure, and is of course subject always to the availability of the yachts.

Above conditions are valid only for projects No 1, 2 and 3. For project No 4 the owner uses are restricted only to your own yacht.

The costs of use to be charged to you are only:


EURO 153 for each departure for our administration and yacht preparation costs

The cost for the purchase of the security deposit

The costs of any options required.

If you would wish additional guaranteed weeks of use, this is also possible at a charge as per our charter pricelist valid each time minus a 40% discount specially granted to you. On the other hand if you do not wish to use your yacht at all, it is possible to offer you better financial conditions, upon request.



Kindly note that all our offers are on ex-taxes base, therefore any fees to be paid to the authorities, such as income tax or other taxes that might arise in the future and we could not charge totally or partially to the charter clients, will be on your charge.




In the end of the Management plan, you may either decide to extend the management of your yacht with UPMARITIME LONDON LTD under similar conditions or you may decide to sell it (our sales department is at your disposal to arrange the best possible conditions).


 We can even exchange it over a new yacht. Of course there is always the option to keep it as your own private yacht.


To be noted that all stipulated prices of the yachts are ex VAT, however a VAT may be required to be paid at the end of management over the yacht’s residual value.


Our staff can still maintain it and arrange what you might feel appropriate to your yacht.

In the end of the management, the yacht and its equipment are delivered to you, in good working condition, in the same shape as they were new with the extension of the natural wear.



In project No 2, we offer a finance possibility requiring a down payment of minimum 35% & in project No 4, we offer also a finance possibility requiring a 40% minimum down payment. The remaining amount of the purchase price of the yacht can be financed up to a 5½ years period (5 years in project No 4) in six-monthly equal installments with annual interest rate of 7% in EURO.




UPMARITIME LONDON Ltd in Direct cooperation with the most credible Owners, Yards and Brokers, can arrange to deliver a NEW BUILDING Vessel from the following Yards:

Bavaria, Dufour, Fountaine Pajot, Jeanneau, Beneteau & Lagoon




Our big variety of Second Hand Yachts for sale is also available for you. The conditions depend on the type and the age of each yacht.


In case of any interest our international Sales team would be ready for a personal meeting at your convenience and explaining more regarding how “YOU COULD OWN A YACHT, COMBINING INCOME & PLEASURE “

Check how is it possible to  :

  1. Own a Yacht not as an individual but as a private company and save taxes, vat etc.
  2. Secure a FIXED ANUALL INCOME that varies from 7% to 12% ( bigger than a real estate employment )
  3. Save all the expenses that any normal Individual should cover for insurance, maintenance staff etc.
  4. Enjoy your Holidays for a 2 weeks in High season and 6 weeks in Low season when your Yacht is not being employed.
  5. Sale it back to us and buy a new one at the end of the management period ( no Real estate can be so liquated and guaranteed to be sold like our Yachts )




No more Thinking…………….


Email us now in Yachting@upmaritimelondon.co.uk and a Local partner in Europe will directly contact with you.


Best regards


Chouliaras Theodore

B.o.D. President & CEO